• Mabel R. Matamoros Tuma Universidad Tecnológica de La Habana José Antonio Echeverría, CUJAE


November 16 is approaching, the date commonly accepted as the time of foundation of one of the first seven villas in Cuba: San Cristóbal de La Habana, which after other failed locations, finally settled in 1519 sheltered by a wide bay. In its 500 years of existence this notable city, which soon became the capital of the country, underwent remarkable changes, was besieged and devastated several times until reaching our days, when it must face countless other demographic, social, cultural, and environmental challenges, just to mention some of the most pressing. Given its status as a heritage city, it is currently debated between the opposite currents posed by conservation and modernization, in the midst of another siege, this time economic, which extends for six decades. Despite the above this city continues to attract the attention of both experts and curious visitors, fascinated by the charms of its bustling streets, squares, buildings, and people. These seem sufficient arguments to dedicate this number to Havana.
As expected, the call we made a few months ago to reserve a space for Havana in its half millennium, found an enthusiastic response from professionals of diverse backgrounds. Based on the number of submissions received, a more complete view of these works cannot be fully appreciated until the next issue is published. For now, and without trying to exhaust the dissimilar problems associated with the history and future of this city, in this issue our readers will be able to find suggestive works that deal with aspects of their valuable urban legacy, with the conservation of some of its emblematic buildings, with the evolution and values of its modern architecture, with the training of its architects at different times periods, and with its urban culture, seen from the perspective of art, to compose a comprehensive panorama of a city constantly in motion.

Because of the breadth and substance of the articles we present, and of those that will come out very soon, we think we have achieved the purpose of bestowing this beloved city with a small, but wholeheartedly felt, present in the occasion of a new anniversary.

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Mabel R. Matamoros Tuma, Universidad Tecnológica de La Habana José Antonio Echeverría, CUJAE

Universidad Tecnológica de La Habana José Antonio Echeverría, CUJAE

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